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Guest Post \\ SIE and UWS

For the forthcoming academic session (2015/2015), two Scottish Institute for Enterprise interns will be based at UWS.

University of the West of Scotland (UWS) PhD student Julie McElroy (pictured on the right, below) has been appointed as an intern with the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE), based at UWS. Julie, who is currently a final year PhD student based within the University’s School of Computing, was born both profoundly deaf and with Cerebral Palsy, which affects the messages sent between the brain and the muscles as well as her movements and co-ordination. 

Bridge 2 Business Events \\ Stirling and Paisley

The society attended two great events hosted by Bridge 2 Business.  

The first of these was in the Tolbooth in Stirling where we attended the 2015 relaunch of Bridge 2 Business and was a great opportunity to meet everyone involved and gain some insight into what they do. 

Guest Post \\ About the Business Society

This was originally posted by a Business Society member on her blog, Wishes, Hopes and Dreams but it felt like a good way to start off the blog by giving you a quick introduction to the society and what the aims are.