Guest Post \\ SIE and UWS

For the forthcoming academic session (2015/2015), two Scottish Institute for Enterprise interns will be based at UWS.

University of the West of Scotland (UWS) PhD student Julie McElroy (pictured on the right, below) has been appointed as an intern with the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE), based at UWS. Julie, who is currently a final year PhD student based within the University’s School of Computing, was born both profoundly deaf and with Cerebral Palsy, which affects the messages sent between the brain and the muscles as well as her movements and co-ordination. 

Angela Castellano (pictured on the left, below) is a second year Undergraduate Web and Mobile Development student.  In their role as SIE interns, they will seek to expand its services to more students across the University’s campuses. Angela will be reprising her role having started with SIE in a voluntary Ambassador position last year before becoming an SIE intern in full.

Throughout their seven months appointment, they aim to engage themselves across the four campuses over the course of the academic term.
The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) works nationally to promote and support enterprise and entrepreneurship in Scotland’s students. SIE provides free one-to-one advice, enterprise workshops and national business competitions.

We will be running series of enterprising competitions throughout the year, starting in September 2015, Get Enterprising. Get Enterprising an entry level competition designed to encourage all students to get in the entrepreneurial mindset. The competition is run by the interns. Students will be encouraged to submit their idea for a new product, service or social enterprise, but they only have space on a postcard to describe their idea. One overall winner will win the cash prize.

Other competitions to keep eye open for are Fresh Ideas, New Ventures, Young Innovators Challenge and many more.

We will be working closely with staff this term and in particular, the Career Services and UWS Business Societies to collaborate and support each other. There will be specific SIE workshops lined up too. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter.

We are hoping to work closely with the postgraduate community at UWS and tell them what SIE can do them too after they graduate.

It looks like the two UWS SIE interns have a very busy seven months ahead and we are looking forward to meeting and helping you fulfil your entrepreneurial spirit.

Any questions or comments can be left below or use the links to access even more about the society. 

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