Guest Post \\ About the Business Society

This was originally posted by a Business Society member on her blog, Wishes, Hopes and Dreams but it felt like a good way to start off the blog by giving you a quick introduction to the society and what the aims are. 

As the description of the blog says this I predominantly write about my time at uni and the UWS Business Society (Paisley) will be a large part of that so it felt wrong not to do a post about it. 

However, before I start I'd like to make it clear that this isn't a recruitment drive (although if you're interested get in touch - links at the bottom), I just want to share what we discussed and what the society is trying to offer as well as what I'm hoping to get out of it.

Thanks, firstly, need to go to my good friend and the president of the society, Linda, as without her we wouldn't have a Business Society for me to write about. 

We met in the Careers and Employability space on Paisley Campus and its great for this type of meeting as there are plenty of seats, tables, a water cooler as well as an overhead & computer if we need it too. 

(Photo credit: Linda McFadden) 

While this meeting was on the smaller side we were joined by Alan & Matt, two lecturers within the Business School at UWS Paisley as well as other like-minded students who are wanting to add to their CV and gain experience along with their studies. 

Below is a little list of what the society is aiming to offer and the opportunities available. 
  1. Bridge the gap between education and career opportunities
  2. The need to know and learn more about business and prepare for the workplace
  3. The need for real life experience that classes don't give
  4. Improve student's chances of employability
  5. Social and relaxed atmosphere
  • Create opportunities by developing links with businesses and professionals >> visit organisations, look behind the scenes within companies, see what's going on and ask questions about positions within the company etc. Some of the company's involved are BBC, STV, Malcolm Group, Diageo, Chivas, NHS)
  • Access to networking events
  • Guest speakers
  • Placements - possibility of volunteer placements for short durations to gain experience
  • Meetings with managers/professionals and the chance to ask for advice on interview techniques and basically ask questions about what they're looking for in an applicant or any other topics that might arise. 
  • Improved confidence with an increase in contacts, knowledge and experience

The most important thing is the social aspect of meeting new people and discussing other topics than courses and uni work. 

My aim for being a member of the society is to add to my CV but also by making use of the experiences available to maybe finally make a decision as to what I want to do with my degree. The main company I'd love to visit is Diageo to find out about their training academy and how to become a part of it in the future.

Use the where you'll find us links on the right-hand side to keep up to date with the society and when the next meeting will be. 

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